EasyBOM - FAQ  
  EasyBOM Frequently Asked Questions

Question: New File with No Layouts and the Create Layouts is grayed out?
Answer: Save File and then Restart KeyCreator to clear Memory.
Question: I run EasyBOM and nothing happens?
Answer: EasyBOM requires a 3D Solid displayed in Model Mode and/or a Layout active in order to function.
Question: Why is Insert Part into BOM grayed out?
Answer: You do not have any Layouts Created, Create Layouts and then rerun EasyBOM.
Question: EasyBOM creates the instances and notes in the layout but does not fill in BOM list?
Answer: EasyBOM requires a layout called B.O.M. in order to open and insert information, Create this Layout and insert BOM Border File from Sample Files folder.
Question: Where do I find Border Files that work with EasyBOM?
Answer: They are in the EasyBOM\Sample Files folder where you installed the application.
Example: C:\KeyCreator8.5\KXL\EasyBOM\Sample Files
Question: How do I add or remove Finish Call Outs?
Answer: Open either Bar Finish or Blank Finish .txt file located in the “Config Files” folder and edit as required. Files must have 10 line items.
Question: Why am I getting an Error that says”There was an Error during writing to the configuration file during an accept event”?
Answer: Your material .txt file is formatted improperly. Each line requires a comma to separate material and heat treat information if there is no comma to make the separation you will get this error.
Question: Why does EasyBOM leave the Description box empty?
Answer: EasyBOM gets the Part # and the Description from the Layout Name, the first text up to the first space is considered the Part # after the first space is the Description.
Example1: KC Layout Name “PN100 Base Plate”, “PN100”=Part # and “Base Plate”=Description
Example2: KC Layout Name “J1242”, “J1242”=Part # and Description is left empty
Question: Why am I getting an Error that says”EasyBOM .kxp(xxxx):handle HhEnt is incorrect type DELENT hEnt”?
Answer: You must use the BOM Border supplied with the EasyBOM Installation. If you require a custom BOM Border contact Geometric Technologies.
Question: EasyBOM exported my Solid where did it go?
Answer: Currently EasyBOM exports as SAT files into a folder called Temp DWG folder in the Root of C Drive.