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23.10.2004 10:27:00

We just purchased a new HP designjet 130 NR and when we try to plot a medium size ( 20 meg) rendered model it gives us a "out of memory" trying to recover. We are using Pentium 4, 2gig of ram, 128 meg video card (NVIDIA G force4) any sugestions?
23.10.2004 10:27:49
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Turn on Windows Task Manager prior to plotting, and go to the Performance tab. Note resource use before you hit OK to plot, then what happens to the Commit Charge. If you see little memory change afterward, and still get the message, you may want to increase the size of your swap file. As Peter noted, you may have insufficient virtual memory to soak up the HP output ... similar to floppy disk days when you tried to write a file to a floppy that was nearly full, and your file was just 1 Kb too large. That said, Windows 2000 or XP should dynamically acquire more swap file space when needed.

HP drivers have so many options, you may have to do a more intensive review of plotter and driver settings.

And, since it's a shaded model, do you have Use Background Image for Rendering set in Tools > Options > Print/Plot > Modify Configuration? If you don't, plotting can take 7-8 times as long. Use Print/Plot preview to check how long display of the shaded image takes, compared to display with the setting off. If you plot from Print/Plot preview, does it take long to do so after the image is displayed?
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