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23.10.2004 10:23:52

What happened to Ordinate Dimensions?
I used to be able to create an aligned ordinate dimension, and then move the text of the base (0) slightly to have it stand out and the other dims wouldn't move unless I did an align dimension command. Now all the dimesions move together no matter what.

If I try to use non-aligned it works OK except the child dims cannot be moved or fine tuned only the base will move.

In layout mode I cannot add, delete, or align after an dimension has been placed. I just get a "Did not find any selectable entities" error.
23.10.2004 10:25:31
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Try the tab key after you select the dimenson string. The tab key should step through each dimension in the string.

By definition, aligned ordinate dimensions are always aligned. If you don't want them to be always aligned, shouldn't you be using an unaligned ordinate?

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